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  • Humidity control for wineries

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Check moisture

Reduce top-up

Humidity range of winery cellars is one of key elements to preserve integrity of taste, texture and quality of wine..
Natural Misting misting and humidification systems, controlling ambient humidity, satisfy all of these requirements. The proper level of relative humidity avoids oxidation of wine in oak barrels and reduces the operations of rabies in the refining period, in an environmentally friendly and economical way..

Keeps corks damp

Reduce top-up

Easily adapted to the old wineries,
as well as to modern ones

Reduce evaporation

Humidification and misting systems preserve the quality of wines: they manage the tannin and allow to control exchanges within the barrel.
Economical advantages are obvious: less evaporation of product and less use of working hours for topping up operations.


Humidification prevents wear of barrels and keeps cork stoppers damp. It actively contributes to the maintenance of the product’s organoleptic qualities. The result is a margin recovery renewed with every new harvest.

Natural Misting systems are totally natural: only drinking water, purified by mechanical filters to ensure maximum performances.
An innovative and environment-friendly technology designed to minimize consumption of water and electricity.

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