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Natural Misting proposes innovative technologies who care about the environment and optimize energy consumption. Performances and design come together with the experience and the professionalism of our team. Natural, like air and water.

Each installation it’s composed like a puzzle to be integrated with the different furniture or structural solutions.

Ultrasonic, low or high pressure systems: the choice of the right technology, designed to fit to any specific client needs, it allows to obtain the best results.

Innovative technologies
tailor-made solutions

environment friendly technologies

The Natural Misting systems are totally natural: they use only drinking water. Innovative technologies and environment friendly designed to ensure the best performances and to minimize water and electricity consumption.

Hygiene and safety

Natural Misting solutions ensure the complete hygiene of the whole system, from the equipments to the diffusors. Local water is than further purified by mechanical filters, reverse osmosis membrane, UV lamps and ozone system. Hygiene and performances are guaranteed.

Maintenance service
We assist our clients directly with skilled technicians throughout the whole national territory and Switzerland. We provide the training of in-house employees to guarantee the correct and successful use of our systems. We revise our equipment with a accurate and reliable prevented maintenance. We respond to interventions requests within 3 working days.

like air
and water