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  • Systems with ultrasonic technology

    Flexible and performant

High performances
optimized consumptions
Perfect hygiene

Lower air temperature

Humidify air

Enhance colors and freshness

Ultrasonic technology is available with a range of products that vary depending on the surfaces to be sprayed. Our team study cautiously the type of appliance to be placed and the solution of distribution more appropriate for the location.

The system is equipped with mechanical filtration and reverse osmosis stations and an ozone generator for the elimination of any residual bacteria.

Ozone sanitizing of the circuit carries out cycles with regular intervals in order to guarantee constant hygiene.

are propagated through a special perforated pipe in stainless steel or with adjustable jet mushroom floor lamps that create a humid microclimate and conserve products from wilting.

Accessory kits are available for adjusting the air flow, timing management for connection to remote control systems.

Install an ultrasonic humidification system is not complicated: it is sufficient to provide a sock and an attack on the drinking water network.

To ensure the best hygiene, performances and durability it’s necessary to regularly replace the filtering station components. With the planned prevent maintenance service you don’t have to worry about deadlines: periodically our skilled technicians will make maintenance and release a certificate available also for the HACCP’s procedure.

Professional systems
with ultrasonic technology

flexible and performant

The Natural Misting systems are totally natural: only drinking water, purified by mechanical filters and reverse osmosis membrane to ensure maximum hygiene. An innovative and environment-friendly technology designed to minimize the consumption of water and electricity.

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like air
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Natural Misting is the misting and humidification systems specialist. It offers soluzioni professionali adapted to any customer needs.
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