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  • Low-pressure technology systems

    Simple and performant

High performances
Optimized consumption
Perfect hygiene

Lower products temperature

Humidify the air

Enhance colors and freshness

Low-pressure technology LP-M42 by Natural Misting ensure high performances and low energy consumption: less than 20 liters of water in 24 hours, 24 volt.

In the low-pressure misting systems water supply comes thought suspended bars equipped with nozzles.These create a fine mist who falls by gravity and covers homogeneously the displayed products.

Low-pressure technology M42 gamma is perfect for both small and large installations. Equipments may be also located far to the display’s area. Systems are equipped with a filtering station composed by mechanicals filtration and reverse osmosis membrane, to assure maximum hygiene of misted water.

Sprayer bars, made in food grade plastic, allow to modify the display at any moment: just close some nozzles or a whole section to avoid misting some specific products.
The pre-set Misting cycles settings can be easily modify as needed by in-house operators.

Sprayer bars are available in different colors and nozzles types: adjustable or with different size of water jet, they can fit to any counter or display.

To install a low-pressure misting system it’s so simple: just provide an electric socket and a water point connected to the local water supply.

To ensure the best hygiene, performances and durability it’s necessary to regularly replace the filtering station components. With the planned preventive maintenance service you don’t have to worry about deadlines: periodically our skilled technicians will make maintenance and release a certificate available also for the HACCP’s procedure.

Professional systems
with low-pressure technology
simple and performant

The Natural Misting systems are totally natural: only drinking water, purified by mechanical filters and reverse osmosis membrane to ensure maximum hygiene. An innovative and environment-friendly technology designed to minimize the consumption of water and electricity.

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