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  • Restaurants, bars and clubs

    The perfect place for entertaining

Less of over 10°C
of temperature
in terrace and outdoor areas

Lower outdoor temperature

Crate comfortable areas

Attract attention

One of the most effective uses of outdoor misting systems; is in terraces of restaurants, bars and clubs. A lovely outdoor area to accommodate guests during the warm seasons assures your business constant attendance and reduces seasonal attendance declines.

Natural Misting outdoor system creates a fine mist that attracts the attention of customers and passers-by. Bars and clubs become relaxing oasis, perfect to escape the sweltering summer heat. When the premises are buzzing and tables are busy business is profitable.

of water dissipate heat

perfect for the hot summer

HP-M42 make fresh and convivial
terraces and patios


Lower temperature

The art of dining is the result of a mixture of elements that tell customers about attention that you reserve them. Details, service and first of all comfort are decisive for success. In summer, with misting systems for outdoors HP-M42, terraces and outdoor areas turn into valuable environments for your business: they are fresh and relaxing, the perfect place to eat, drink and stay with friends.

Outdoor business

Maintain a constant influx of customers during the year, month or week may be a hard challenge. During the summer HP-M42 systems lower outdoor temperature of more than 10°C. Terraces and patios previously unused become fresh and convivial environments. Thanks to the greater number of seats, the rotation of tables and service hours are optimized!

Create a show

Misting systems are a viable solution to lower outdoor temperature and equip gazebos , outdoor kitchens, events, show cooking… You can create comfortable waiting areas or pleasant smoking areas, an added value for customers who feel the attention reserved for them. Misting adds a visual effect that attracts the attention of customers and passers-by.

Lower summer temperature
of more than 10°C


Natural Misting systems are totally natural: only drinking water, purified by mechanical filters to ensure maximum performances.
HP-M42 is an innovative, environment-friendly technology, designed to minimize consumption of water and electricity.

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like air
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Natural Misting is the misting and humidification outdoor system’s specialist. It offers innovative and natural solutions adapted to customers needs
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