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    Outdoor misting solutions

Energy M1st
The smart climate

Energy M1st is the perfect outdoor misting system for restaurants, resorts, hotels, golf clubs, shopping centers, theme and water parks, stables and farms.

When air temperature rises, the Energy M1st create an oasis for people, plants, animals or goods. Open areas become accessible, fresh and pleasant. Customer satisfaction, well-being of people and animals are guaranteed.

Energy M1st is the environment-frienfly and natural solution to lower the outdoor temperature over 10°C. It is designed for the professional market, manufactured for an intensive use. Technical innovation and aesthetics are Energy M1st system hallmarks.

Energy M1st is like a puzzle which can fit to any specific needs of each particular market sector and each individual client.

Professional outdoor misting systems

Lowering temperature during the summer

When heat becomes unbearable Energy M1st is the solution to low outdoor temperature creating a pleasant, fresh and relaxing habitat for your customers. Energy M1st is the solution for your outdoor business.

Technology, design and innovation

The Energy M1st systems are designed to ensure performances, design and durability. They can be operated independently or connected to other remote control systems. Installation is quick and is taken in charge by our skilled technicians.

Micro droplets of water dissipate heat

Ideal for the hot summer weather

Natural Misting systems are totally natural: only drinking water, purified by mechanical filters to ensure maximum hygiene . Energy M1st is an innovative technology, environment-friendly, designed to minimize the consumption of water and electricity.

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