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Outdoor cooling system: Energy M1st

Outdoor: lower temperature more than 10°C
Energy M1st is the natural solution to cool outdoor areas
The hot has arrived; it’s time to find shelter from the summer heat and to refresh terraces, pools and gardens with a natural cooling system designed for outdoor areas.

Energy M1st by Natural Misting is the technological and innovative line of professional nebulizers for outdoor areas – projected for an intensive use, they use simple elements such as air and water to lower temperature of more than 10°C.
It’s the economical and environment-friendly solution to make food courts and relax areas in hotels and shopping areas comfortable and pleasant, or simply to create exclusive outdoor areas in attics, villas, or private estates.

Energy M1st is made of parts that fit together like a puzzle to best suit each individual sector or customer. The system can be managed independently or connected to other remote control devices; installation is simple and fast. Natural, just like air and water.