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Quality Control


Natural Misting S.r.l. pursues a policy of improvement ensuring:


Natural Misting goals are:

to be known and recognized as a reliable supplier by its customers guaranteeing safe, efficient and long-lasting products in terms of: technical characteristics of the products purchased, quality of service received, compliance with the requirements agreed with customers and legality;;
to consolidate and improve its position on the market to allow constant commercial growth and technical innovation, with an increase in profits;
always to be informed about new scientific and technical developments also by consulting the ethical codes of the sector;
to be inserted in the social context in which it finds itself creating new employment opportunities and improving (through the adoption of new techniques and minimizing waste) respect for the environment, climate and nature, becoming more and more responsible in confrontation with environmental problems.
Integration in the social context also takes place giving importance to the ethical aspect of one’s business and to the health and hygiene aspects, through the search for innovative solutions and the implementation of professional technical interventions to guarantee the health of operators.

Natural Misting S.r.l. to pursue these objectives has decided to implement a Quality Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 standard in compliance with legislative, environmental and ethical requirements. The Company’s know-how has evolved, developed and consolidated over the years of the organization’s activity. For this reason, the Management has always considered the quality of the service and products offered an important element of its strategy and has promoted a constant and lasting commitment at all levels.

The careful analysis of the market, the process approach and the strategic planning of resources allow the Organization to provide Quality products and services that meet the customer’s requirements and to face the risks and opportunities associated with its context and objectives.

The Management and the Employees of Natural Misting have fully embraced the philosophy of the company, setting as a further objective the full manifestation of these principles to client companies.

The management is committed to:

• Support and disseminate the quality policy in every department / company structure;
• Promote interactive communication: an element that defines a flow of structured information both inside and outside the Organization, to ensure effective control of risk factors;
• To guarantee to all staff a serene, professional work environment, marked by the growth of each person;
• Define specific objectives and indicators for their achievement;
• Carry out periodic monitoring of the results;
• Identify opportunities for improving products and services;
• Adhere to the “plastic free” and “stop food waste” projects, involving customers and collaborators, spreading the concept that a fresh, nutritious and well-preserved product contributes to the reduction of food waste;
• To sensitize customers and collaborators on the environmental benefits that can be obtained.

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