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Natural Misting plastic free to save the planet

Natural Misting plastic free – Buy products without plastic packaging is possible!

Large Retailer is one of the main areas where the revolution “without plastic” can and should be supported.
This is demonstrated by the many Italian and European supermarket chains, now oriented towards the “plastic-free”, who choose to offer products exclusively packaged with recyclable and compostable materials or redesign the lay-out to enhance traditional assisted sales and expand the offer of bulk products for self-service.

Today reduce consumption of plastic packaging is imperative.
“Plastic packaging is used only for a few days, but their devastating impact on the planet can last hundreds of years”.

A percentage defines what may be the environmental impact of consumer behavior: If the 40% of plastic products in the world are for the packaging industry, more than 20% relates to food and beverages packaging.
The consumer becomes the protagonist of the ecological revolution that is taking shape to save the planet.

Historically the solutions Natural Misting are the result of a precise philosophy: natural like air and water;
are part of a virtuous path towards the “plastic free”, helping to limit the use of plastic packaging and keeping products fresh and attractive.

Bulk products benefit from the cooling and moisturizing effect of micro-biologically pure vaporized water; they are so better preserved and maintain their nutritional qualities longer .

To actively promote change, we have decided to provide our customers with a first set of communication panels that can be a starting point to promote real consumer awareness campaigns for the preservation of the planet.

campagna nebulizzazione e plastic free gdo

Natural Misting also adheres to “plastic free” projects and is committed to reducing the consumption of plastic packaging and favoring suppliers that protect the environment

Natural Misting, natural like air and water.