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Natural Misting plastic free to save the planet

Natural Misting plastic free – Buy products without plastic packaging is possible! Large Retailer is one of the main areas where the revolution “without plastic” can and should be supported. This is demonstrated by the many Italian and European supermarket chains, now oriented towards the “plastic-free”, who choose to offer products exclusively packaged with recyclable […]
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Natural Misting in the new Superstore Conad in Formigine (Modena)

Three technologies for four different applications. Conad inaugurated the new Superstore in Formigine, an innovative and technological store with the aim of providing products quality and give services to customers as well as becoming a pole of attraction and aggregation for the city.Natural Misting collaborated with Conad installing three different technological solutions: ultrasonic for the […]
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Natural Misting mists Carrefour Nichelino

Natural Misting at Carrefour Nichelino The French Company continues the plan for technological innovation in his stores. Inside the new Retail Park « I Viali di Nichelino », in Tourin hinterland, Carrefour opened the first Italian hypermarket that follows the pilot format of Carugate. Retail Park « I Viali » is the results of sustainable design and it obtained […]
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Outdoor cooling system: Energy M1st

Energy M1st the professional line of nebulizer projected to low temperature of more than 10°C
Outdoor: lower temperature more than 10°C Energy M1st is the natural solution to cool outdoor areas The hot has arrived; it’s time to find shelter from the summer heat and to refresh terraces, pools and gardens with a natural cooling system designed for outdoor areas. Energy M1st by Natural Misting is the technological and innovative […]
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Natural Misting mist Iper Arese

OZOFOG, the new ultrasonic technology by Natural Misting designed for mist and humidify fresh products arrives at Iper Arese, the newest member of Finiper Group within “IL CENTRO”, one of the largest shopping centers in Europe. Natural Misting mist Iper Arese Iper Arese in its superb fresh produce department chose to install the new ultrasonic […]
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