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Natural Misting mists Carrefour Nichelino

Natural Misting at Carrefour Nichelino

The French Company continues the plan for technological innovation in his stores.
Inside the new Retail Park « I Viali di Nichelino », in Tourin hinterland, Carrefour opened the first Italian hypermarket that follows the pilot format of Carugate.

Retail Park « I Viali » is the results of sustainable design and it obtained ITACA and iiBSE Certifications.

Respect for the environment, natural lights, renewable energies…
it could not be missing our natural misting system for fruit and vegetables.

Carrefour format assures to the client a special experience between modernity and tradition, providing local products, restaurants and additional services.

The misting system chosen for this location is a timed low-pressure system with reversal osmosis membrane and mechanical filtering. The black mist bars are perfectly integrated with the suspension structure and the communications’ elements. Thanks to the misting, quality and colors of products remain the same for all day long.

The fruit and vegetable area within its crunchy and fresh products displayed is now one of the hypermarket’s highlights.

The Natural Misting systems are totally natural: only drinking water, purified by mechanical filters and reverse osmosis membrane to ensure the maximum hygiene. An innovative and environment-friendly technology especially designed to minimize the consumption of water and electricity. On an average day the consumption of water is about 20 liters: less than a tap left open for 5 minutes.

Natural Misting : natural, like air and water.