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  • Fresh vegetables misting & humidifying

    To replenish the natural moisture of the products


Increase sales

Increase profit margins

Reduce waste and counteract the weight loss

Make the whole store more attractive and efficient

A Natural Misting system increases sales, reduces waste and weight loss of vegetables.
With simple elements like air and water and with a limited investment, misting systems double the shelf-life of products, optimize the rotation of goods, reduce the working hours for selecting, loading and unloading items.
The Natural Misting systems enhance the colors of fresh products, keep salads and leafy vegetables crispy, limit the wilting caused by air-conditioning and lighting systems.

Energy Green Technology: Low consumption

Solutions adopted by the major Italian Companies

It makes attractive the department,
enhances the color brilliance,
and the freshness of products.  

Dehydration reduction

Most vegetables lose on average from 2% to 7% of their weight in 24 hours. Weight loss is followed by a physiological decay of original appearance. The Natural Misting systems can recover up to 50% of natural weight loss. Vegetables stay fresh and inviting until evening.

Waste reduction

Misting reduces the amount of product to be discarded up to 50%. The result is a substantial margin recovery that is renewed day by day. Research shows that the investment is amortized over a period of between six and twelve months simply considering the profit margin resulting from the lower decrease in daily weight.

Image improvement

Misting keeps the natural look of fresh vegetables making them more inviting and promoting their purchase. The fresh looks and harmonious display of products improve store image creating an added value for customers who appreciate the care and attention devoted to the preservation of freshness.

Misting systems increase sales
up to 25% more


The Natural Misting systems are totally natural: only drinking water, purified by mechanical filters and reverse osmosis membrane to ensure maximum hygiene.
An innovative and environment-friendly technology designed to minimize the consumption of water and electricity. On an average day the consumption of water is about 20 liters: less than a tap left open 5 minutes.

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like air
and water

What mist:

misting vegetables


Natural Misting is the misting and humidification system’s specialist for fresh foods. It offers innovative and natural solutions adapted to customer needs. Download the PDF brochure.



Some vegetables do not benefit from misting. To organize the display prior to installation, please refer to the summary table.