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  • Fish on ice table misting

    To restore the moisture lost with refrigeration

Increase product
on the counter

Display a fresh, well-preserved and inviting product

Increase sales

Reduce waste and increase profit margins

The Natural Misting systems with simple elements like air and water increase sales, achieve customer trust and increase the profitability of the department.
They preserve the natural shine of fish products, enhancing colors and fresh appearance. They reduce the dehydration due to contact with ice, chilling, air conditioning and lighting systems.
They actively contribute to the correct storage of food. The delivered drops of misted water, evaporating, incorporate heat and lower product surface temperature. A Natural Misting system increases the profitability of the department: it reduces natural weight loss and waste, limiting the operations necessary to turn over or freeze products during the day.
Misting keeps-out insects and prevents unpleasant odors.

Elimination of bad odors and organic residues

Solutions adopted by Italian major Companies

A drizzle that enhances colors
and freshness of fish products


Dehydration reduction

Most of the fish lose on average from 2% to 7% of weight in 24 hours. Weight loss is followed by a physiological decay of original aspect. The Natural Misting systems can recover up to 50% of natural weight loss.

Shelf-life increase

Misting reduces the amount of product to be discarded at the end of the day. The result is a substantial recovery of margin that is renewed day by day. Research shows that the investment is amortized over a period of between six and twelve months simply calculating the margin resulting from the lower decrease in daily weight.

Image improvement

Misting preserves the natural freshness look of fish products by making them more inviting and promoting their purchase. Fresh products improve store image. The misting systems create a barrier against flying insects and reduce the emission of unpleasant odors.

The misting send away flying insects,
customers appreciate


The Natural Misting systems are totally natural: only drinking water, purified by mechanical filters and reverse osmosis membrane to ensure maximum hygiene.
An innovative and environment-friendly technology designed to minimize the consumption of water and electricity. On an average day the consumption of water is about 20 liters: less than a tap left open 5 minutes.

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like air
and water

DE-ICING – melt the ice table


An automatic
for washing
the counter

Daily counter cleaning and sanitation

Cut down water consumption and working hours with an automatic system

From the fish market to the hypermarket products are displayed on ice. For sales it’s crucial to give customers a feeling of hygiene and professionalism in product management.
The ice table should always be always and renewed to ensure correct storage of fish. Preparation of the counter and ice melting operations at the end of service are among the department’ main management costs.
De-Icing is a system that automatically melts ice and washes the counter without employee intervention. At the end of service, you simply press a button and the morning after the counter is completely clean, ready for a new working day. It’s as simple as that!

A fully automated system

Clean and hygienic ice every day

The De-Icing system increases the profitability of fish departments, reducing management costs. It simplifies activities necessary to ensure the hygiene and the inviting looks of the store.
It rationalizes water and electricity consumption.
De-Icing simply using hot water, melts the ice and simultaneously washes the counter. It enables to comply with the hygiene regulations prescribing to “sanitize the counter every day” (ex. Art. 29 of Presidential Decree No 327/1980).
De-Icing is a dispensing system connected from the ceiling to the refrigeration circuits or to a dedicated water heater. It melts the ice table in a short time, regardless of the amount of ice used.

For a
clean and sanitized


Natural Misting is the misting and humidification system’s specialist for fresh foods. It offers innovative and natural solutions adapted to customer needs. Download the PDF brochure.



The fully automated system for daily cleaning the fish counter. Download the PDF brochure.