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Natural Misting - Gli specialisti della nebulizzazione
We are the first company in Italy who has installed misting systems for fresh products.

In 2002 the founder, Giuseppe Stefani, an expert of the Large Scale Retail, contacted by a USA producer of misting systems, immediately understood the benefits that this technology would bring to the sale of fresh products: increased turnover, reduced waste, increase of the margin, create a show…

Natural Misting is born in this way.
A family based business, now continued by the sons of the founder who, following the spirit of innovation and attention to clients continue to look for innovative and technological solutions.
Many things have improved, the expertise, the experience, the technology. Passion, professionalism and openness that we devote to our work doesn’t change.

Building on our long experience and on the awareness of the importance of providing high performance services and technologies, today we produce high and low pressure devices ourselves. The M42 range is the result of a mix of excellence: innovation, high-performance components, low energy consumption, professionalism and competence. In a word: Made in Italy.

The choice and the evolution of our solutions are the result of a specific philosophy:
natural like air and water.

Our clients are the major groups of Italian Large Scale Retail that from the beginning offered us elements for constantly improving service, research and design, technology and innovation.
Our staff is composed of experienced and driven professional technicals who know and nourish the needs of each customer.

The attention to changes and trends, the desire to explore new horizons led Natural Misting to approach multiples markets. In addition to the professional misting systems for fresh products, for which we believe that we are the top quality company in Italy, we have developed the HP-M42 division, the professional misting systems for cooling outdoor areas.

We believe that a retail space should be first of all a comfortable and relaxing place for the customer. We firmly believe that HP-M42 systems can flip the destiny of activities such as restaurants, hotels, shopping centers. Terraces, gardens and porches can be exploited and become attractive and profitable despite the high summer temperatures.
Natural! Like air and water.

Some of our main clients: Bennet, Carrefour, Conad, Coop, Famila, Mercatò, Big Store, Eataly, Il Gigante, Iper, Iperal, MD Discount, NaturaSì, Pam, Sidis, Unes.

Misting for fresh products

Increase the shelf-life

The smart clima


Natural Misting systems increase sales and profit margins. They preserve the product’s freshness for your customers and reduce withering.>Learn more


Humidity control in cold room improves food storage. Prevents weight loss, reduces product waste and increase profit margins. >Learn more


HP-M42 is the misting systems for outdoor cooling, with minimum consumption of water and electricity, lowers more than 10°C. summer temperature of bars, terraces, theme parks, swimming pools and farms. >Learn more

Energy Green Systems

Natural Misting proposed Energy Green solutions, intelligent technologies chemicals free and low energy consumption.

like air
and water

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