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Outdoor air conditioning: M42 the nebula that refreshes the summer


Outdoor: minus 10° C

The hot weather is coming this year too, we must not be caught unprepared it is time to install an outdoor air conditioning system M42 to refresh kiosks, terraces, pools and gardens.

M42 Natural Misting is the professional outdoor misting systhem completely MADE IN ITALY , designed for intensive use.

With simple elements such as air and water M42 lowers the temperature by over 10°C.

The M42 systems are the economic and ecological solution to make pleasant and convivial dining and relaxation areas of accommodation and commercial activities or just create unique outdoor areas in penthouses, villas, estates

They adapt to the needs of each sector or customer. The M42 system can be operated independently or linked to other remote control systems, installation is quick and easy.

M42: natural, like air and water.