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Natural Misting is the Italian top quality company for misting and humidifying systems for fresh products. We provide solutions to control the loss of weight, the humidity, the levels of ethylene and airborne pathogens in supermarkets and warehouses. We install misting systems for outdoor cooling especially designed for professional markets. We are always looking for innovative technologies to ensure strong economic performances and environmentally friendly results, with low consumption of energy and water. Our solutions are modular and flexible and they integrate seamlessly with all existing furnishings and communication elements.

Natural misting for fresh products

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Extends shelf-life

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Energy Green Solutions

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Natural Misting’s systems increase sales and profit margins. They preserve product freshness for your customers, reducing the withering. >Learn more


Humidity control in cold storages improves food storage and extends shelf-life. It prevents weight loss, reduces product waste and increases profit margins. >Learn more


Natural Misting’s solutions are Energy Green, intelligent technologies that don’t use chemicals and that minimize energy consumption. >Learn more

We assist our clients directly with skilled technicians throughout the national territory and Switzerland.
We provide the training of in-house employees to guarantee the correct and successful use of our systems. We revise our equipment with a accurate and reliable prevented maintenance. We respond to interventions requests within 3 working days.

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